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We work in all verticals, addressing both process and product innovation head-on to create the best experiences possible.


We work with big companies, small start-ups, and any size company in between, facing every new challenge with fresh eyes and minds full of past experience.


Based in Northern California, we have sunscreen and are willing to travel.

Stacy Sanders, Fearless Leader of Big Picture Innovations


Stacy holds an M.S. in Engineering (Product Design and Development) from Stanford University from the Joint Program in Design. She also holds a B.S. in Operations Research with a minor in Psychology from Harvey Mudd College.

She has extensive experience applying both traditional analytics and more modern creative analysis techniques to a wide range of business problems within large companies such as Kaiser Permanente, Microsoft, and Nike, as well as smaller companies including start-ups based both in the United States and in China. Her experience across a number of sectors including finance, healthcare, software and hardware, and consumer products allows her to cross-utilize her learnings while retaining a deep understanding of the unique needs across each vertical.